Cheap Int’l Flights Under $500 (Presidents’ Day 2020 Edition)

If you know where to look, you can often find cheap international flights for less than $500 from major airports in the United States. If you’re not near one of these airports, one of my favorite travel hacks is using miles to get to the departing airport, and then paying cash for the international portion of the trip.

Cheap flights from JFK

JFK to Paris from $400

JFK to Barcelona from $350

JFK to Bogota from $380

Cheap flights from MIA

MIA to Medellin from $200

MIA to Rio de Janeiro from $480

MIA to Prague from $420

Cheap flights from ORD

ORD to London from $400

ORD to Mexico City from $300

Cheap flights from LAX

LAX to Tokyo from $480

LAX to Bangkok from $430

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